Behind Her Eyes

A VR experience raising awareness of sexual harassment and its prevention
Empathy Development | Positive Intervention | Distinguishing Friendliness from Harassment
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What If It Happened To You?

Place yourself in the body and see through the eyes of a woman as she witnesses and experiences sexual harassment. Ask yourself how you would respond, how you wish others would respond, and what the physical and emotional aftermath of these actions or inactions might be.

Immersive Solution

Combining 360 video with CGI animation and Leap Motion to create a VR experience where players step into the body of a woman as she goes through an evening of her life

A film shot with Samsung Gear 360 providing audience with immersive experience to develop empathy
A CGI avatar with Leap Motion enabling the “spect-actors” to make choices and bring out variations in the plot
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Team V

Jingyi Liao


"My name is not sweetheart."

Ece Karahan

3D Designer

"Know where the line is."

Melisande Brie McLaughlin


"Our bodies, our rights."

Subramanian Ramvijji


"Come and feel what she experiences."

Jonathan Kings


"How about we start treating other human beings nicely for a change?"

In Partnership With


BeAnotherLab is an international, interdisciplinary collective dedicated to investigate embodied and telepresence experiments.


The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity(CRI) is a unique open research and learning environment.


This is Team V, a group of five CRI Summer School students from five different countries that came together to tackle a global issue, sexual harassment.


Special Thanks

For the facilities

CRI Labs

Les Grands Voisins

Machine To Be Another

For the mentoring

Fabrice Jouvenot

Jessica Talley Sagot

Philippe Bertrand

For the actors

Andi Hoxha

Apolline Bertin

Daniel Assayag

Ece Karahan

Gaurav Gandhi

Jayadeepak Malli Reddy

(Jingyi Liao)

Marang Garcia Sebego

Melisande Brie McLaughlin

Tamara Al Saadi

Viswanath Aashish Devaki


Philippe Bertrand

Investigator of BeAnotherLab

Behind Her Eyes explores the potential use of immersive videos in VR to help society to overcome the culture of gender violence. Beta-tests in Paris have shown an interesting emotional impact in males, what may be significant to expand individual's consciousness and change negative social behaviors. The prototype points out to a promising continuation of this research on how to use different perceptive illusions in VR to enhance men's empathic abilities regarding sexual harassment.

Daniel Assayag

Actor of BehindHerEyes

This experience make you feel the inacceptable presence of one that steps upon your intimate space. Virtual universe, offer the possibility for the viewer to live that moment without the terrible consequences. This VR interactive show is a direct uppercut, that wires your brain to the understanding of what women are put through everyday in our over-sexualised societies.

Jessica Talley Sagot

Center for research and Interdisciplinary | M2 AIV/EdTech

A VR experience that captures a universal yet personal journey on the provocative subject of violence against women. I found myself asking questions I hadn't considered, which balanced discussion of what makes a singular experience so devastatingly uncomfortable for women.

Behind Her Eyes

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We provide an immersive VR experience and offer an opportunity for people to raise further discussion about what sexual harassment is. We will come up with more versions in the future.

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